A step by step guide on how to use your uploader

1. Head to and click "Sign in" with the login credentials you received via email. Once you're logged in, click on the tab "Upload Songs"

2. Click on the "Audio Files" bar. Drag and drop your WAV or AIF file to begin the upload. You can drag-n-drop several files at a time. When a track has finished rendering and saving to our servers, a “+” sign will appear. Click the "+" sign to begin.




If you have multiple versions of the same song, click the "+" for both/all versions and mark the appropriate "Instrumental/Vocal version" toggles accordingly on the righthand side. Make sure to select the toggle "Full Length" on all tracks unless of course, it is a 30 or 60 sec edit of the song. Once all versions have been added and the toggles are selected properly, click the big green “Done” button. 

3. Click on the "General" Bar. Fill out all the fields. Composer and Artist Name must be filled out, even if it’s the same name. Click "Done". 

4. Click the "Ownership" bar. You may add multiple writers, publishers and payee’s so long as the songwriter's and the publisher's splits collectively add up to 100%. If there is no publisher, leave that at 0% and make the songwriters add up to 100%. The Payee's must add up to 100% as well. Click “Done”.

--- NOTE: Payee’s must already be in the Soundstripe system. 



5. Click on the "Genre" bar.  Choose one or more fitting Genre’s by dragging and dropping the blue handled buttons into the empty slots above into a ranking based on most like to least like - left to right. Click "Done". 

6. Click on the "Notes" bar to send a private message to the staff, Then, Click Done. 

That’s it! Click Upload at the very bottom. Your song will appear in your dashboard and the tags you selected (for ownership and such) will auto save and show up for the next upload you conduct in the case your next upload has the same writers / payee’s / genre’s. Cool right?