In a perfect world, I would tell everyone what level to master at, and we’d get all tracks submitted to us at that level. But because we are dealing with multiple thousands of audio files and almost one hundred contributors to date, song submission levels are still going to vary. For providing an excellent experience to our customers at this point in time, we are using Landr to volume match our catalogue. Ideally, all Soundstripe composers could consistently provide audio files at the same level. But because this isn’t the case- the easiest way to volume match thousands of audio files right now is Landr. Moving forwards, it is now required for your audio file to be sent through landr and exported at 44.1, 16. This is to ensure the easiest and most simplified music licensing experience for our customers. 

Here's what to do moving forward:

1. Make sure your final mixes are full of dynamic range & have nice transients

2. Download the standalone app at 

3. Run your final mix through landr and export at 44.1, 16

4. Upload to Soundstripe :) 

(You can opt out of using landr if you can provide self mastered tracks with the loudest part of your song hitting around -7LUFS or -6RMS)

I hope this makes sense. If anyone has questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me at