We’re ditching our limited exclusivity clause and going completely non-exclusive.

Soundstripe core value: Done is better than perfect.


The more information you have, the better decisions you can make. At the start of any endeavor, knowledge is limited. Yes, there’s google, but real, practical, learned experience and information is essentially zero. However, perfectionism is procrastination and done is better than perfect. If you’re waiting for ‘perfect' until you launch or release or promote, you’ll never launch. In February 2016, we launched a very imperfect website call soundstripe.com. Riddled with bugs and problems but we did the best we could with the information we had which, was little.


Since we launched, the learning curves have been steep. It’s like jumping into the deep end if you’ve never swam a day in your life. There’s 2 options every day. Figure out how to swim or drowned. This stage in the cycle is all about information gathering, data analysis and persistence.


So you’ve launched with little information on “the right way” to do things. You’ve learned you missed the mark despite your best efforts and now you have to make a decision. Use the new information you have and either leave things the same or make a change, and ask for grace. Failing fast and pivoting frequently is stressful but in any new endeavor, its unavoidable if you want to stay in business and grow.


Soundstripe was founded by composers. It was obviously important to us that we provide opportunity, not take it away but we had this problem… How are we going to differentiate our library of music from the competitors? We came up with, exclusivity. So we drafted our first agreement to say that if you are a Soundstripe composer, you are free to work with any other licensing agency, publishing company, record label EXCEPT for our direct competitors (defined as “Any website where an end user can click, download, and license a track”). Then we learned a bit, then pivoted to song by song exclusivity which is how it has been up until now. Then more time went on and we had further realizations… This limited exclusivity wasn’t doing anyone any good. It was hindering the earning power of our composers tracks through other licensing platforms and we as a company were missing out on some killer songs all because they were being hosted somewhere else on the web. We’ve learned, the value in our catalog is not it’s “exclusivity” on the web. The value is in the catalog itself being the absolute best it can be no matter where else people can find the song on the web. So, here we are. Pivoting once more. Soundstripe is completely non-exclusive. 

Thank you all for your grace and patience as we learn how to best serve you and our users. It’s been a wild ride and I don’t imagine it slowing anytime soon. Thank you for being a part of this.

-Micah Sannan

Founder | Co-CEO