At Soundstripe, the majority of your music will be used for micro-licensing placements (indie films, youtube, wedding videos, ect). Most of the time, micro-licensing doesn’t generate a whole lot of performance royalties (aka residual income). HOWEVER, every so often we do deal with placements that generate performance royalties, and if you are not registered with a PRO (Performing Rights Organizations), you won’t see any of the royalties!

If your music is used for a "larger" placement such as a commercial, tv show, movie, etc, PROs collect money from the networks or companies that are broadcasting that content and pay you performance royalties. The only way to collect these payments is to register yourself as a writer and/or publisher with ASCAP or BMI (or SESAC, or whatever PRO is used for your country) and register your songs!

We are more than happy to help get you set up with a PRO, or get all your current work up to date with your PRO!

If you have any questions about PROs or would like help getting set up with one. Please reach out to Joey, our PRO guru.  You can email him here,