We love to see our partners create music together. Soundstripe has a community of very talented musicians, all with a unique set of skills and talents. Some write well on acoustic instruments, some on virtual instruments, and some "play" the computer and mix really well. Whatever your "instrument" is, you may find another Soundstripe Partner that you like to create music with. We've set every Partner up with a simple way to split pay on collaborations, and create additional artist monikers for new music projects. 

Note: This is only available for signed Soundstripe Partners. 


Collaboration Splits

Once you've collaborated with another partner and are ready to upload your new song, click on the Ownership in the upload section of your dashboard. 

In the Payee dropdown, you can split any percentage with a fellow Soundstripe Partner. Simply type both of your names in the Payee dropdown, and type the percentage you both have decided on ( adding up to 100%).


In our example below, Micah wrote and produced a song, but wanted Travis to come in and lay down some real strings. They worked out a 10%/90% split. This is what it would look like. 



Adding A New Artist Moniker. 

With our payout system, you can have multiple artist monikers associated to your partner profile.  If you are creating new music you would like to have under another artist name, we can set that up for you. All future licenses of each individual artist moniker you have will get paid to your monthly Partner payout. 

If you are interested in adding another artist moniker, please contact our Artist Relations Manager, Aaron. aaron@soundstripe.com