8/18/16 by Founder & Co-CEO - Micah Sannan

Over the past few months, a few Soundstripe partners have asked about what happens after they upload a track to Soundstripe. Some have noticed that it takes a week or two for it to show up in the library and sometimes, it doesn’t show up at all. If you’ve ever had any of these kinds of questions, this message is for you!

New uploads are approved and published to the site every Thursday afternoon. Occasionally, it can take a second week for us staff to listen to, tag and approve new uploads depending on the work load. Our mission is to deliver useful, high quality tracks to our members at a price that is unbeatable. For us internally, that means heavy scrutiny and vetting of each and every track that gets into the public facing library. We’re intense about curation and believe the Soundstripe brand depends on it. What makes a track sync friendly varies quite a bit depending on the end use. We do our best to predict our members musical needs and supply the RIGHT kind of music for those needs. 

What about the tracks that don’t get published? Occasionally, there will be a track that doesn’t quite meet our brand standards and its always for a unique reason i.e. the focal instrument sounds fake/midi or overall mix isn’t quite up to snuff or melody is “cheesy” or, or, or, or… and this is where it gets sticky… Currently, we go through an average of 58 tracks a month right now and that number is increasing steadily (because y’all are awesome). As much as we’re constantly on the lookout for feasible ways to give feedback on a track by track basis, it takes a ton of time and thoughtful sensitivity to deliver constructive criticism on something so incredibly personal like a piece of music. 

We have a saying around here “Be efficient with things, be effective with people”… As much as I truly want to find a way to deliver unique, sensitive constructive criticism, we haven’t found a way that we can afford to be effective and efficient in track by track feedback. We don’t have the administrative power to develop effective and unique constructive criticism on every track that we don’t feel is a good fit for the library. Instead, we do our best to 1) sign the RIGHT producer/composers, 2) set expectations appropriately from the git go and 3) consistently provide data driven information on what is working well, musically, for our members.

Sincerely, thank you for your talent, your hard work and for being a part of this company, community and journey. 

Micah Sannan
Founder | Co-CEO