We are open. On damn near everything. If you have a question / concern / complaint / suggestion about or on anything, we want to hear it. You can always expect a straight and transparent answer from any of us on the staff.

Our composers are the life blood of Soundstripe. If you're happy, our users are happy. If they're happy, we're happy. 

Musical Direction is something we work hard to provide to all of our partners. Direction and information that corresponds with our target markets and what is most frequently downloaded. This provides the opportunity to create tracks that are desired and downloaded by our users.

Essentially, with Soundstripe, the more you put in, the more you'll get out. To put it plainly, the more high quality, useful (film friendly) tracks you have in the library, the more you get paid.

If we've approved you as a contributor, you're a musical badass. So of course, we want you to be cranking out and uploading as much material as humanly possible. We tend to encourage 4 tracks per month but there is no requirement. 

All subscription fees collected from users who download music during a given month is split 50/50. Half to Soundstripe, half to our partners. This pool of subscription money gets worked into an algorithm that calculates how much revenue was received from these users and how many tracks they downloaded collectively that month. This gives us a "Price Per Download" each month. You get paid based on the number of times your music is downloaded during the given month. The more downloads, the more you get paid.

We send payments on the 15th of every month through a free service called Dwolla. For new composers, upon your first payout, you will receive an email prompting you to sign up for a free account to receive your money unless your bank is located outside of the USA. If you are outside the United States you will be contacted by our staff and paid via PayPal each month.


This company was founded by three composers. Being artist friendly is a top priority. We are here to provide opportunity, not take it away. Our agreement and partner terms of service is practically a permission slip that allows us to license the music you give us. You are free (and encouraged) to seek out other licensing opportunities, record deals, production deals etc. We want you to earn a living doing what you love.

Because Soundstripe offers an incredibly affordable subscription service, first time users arrive with quite the pessemistic frame of mind concerning the production quality of our music offering. What makes a track licensensable is quite an art depending on the customers intended use.

We do our best to predict our customers musical needs and supply the right kind of music for those needs. A song can be incredibly written, mixed, and produced, but still may not fit the needs of our target market. Therefore, we will only upload a track if we genuinely believe that it will be a win-win-win scenario for the contributor, the customer and the company.

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