Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is music licensing?

If you look in your wallet, most likely you have a “license to drive” that your state DMV “issued” you. Without that License, It’s illegal for you to drive. Music licensing is similar, kind of.

A composer in his studio writes and records a song. He can now ISSUE someone a LICENSE to USE that song in a film or commercial in exchange for an agreed upon fee. This license gives that filmmaker the legal right to use that composers song in their project/production. Without that License, it’s illegal for the filmmaker to use that song. By becoming a Soundstripe partner, you’re giving Soundstripe permission to issue usage licenses for your music to other people/companies on your behalf.

+ Is my deal with Soundstripe Exclusive?

Nope! Our agreement together is non-exclusive.

+ Do I keep my publishing, copyrights and master ownership?

Yep! You retain all of your copyrights, including all of your publishing and BMI/ASCAP/SoundExchange revenues.

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