We use a service called Dwolla to send out composers paychecks every month. It's easy, it's free and you only have to set it up once.

*If your bank is located outside of the united states, please contact joey@soundstripe.com

Below is a quick and dirty breakdown of how to get your account started and start accepting your monthly payments.


  1. Go to www.dwolla.com and sign up for a new account. 

  2. Choose the Personal Account option

  3. Fill out personal information to help verify your identity. You will also be setting a pin number to confirm transactions.

  4. Connect an account (located in the top right corner)

  5. Choose an option for bank verification (direct connect using online banking login info, or another route where dwolla will deposit $0.20 transactions for your verification to prove you own the account)

  6. Choose which account you’d like to link (if you have multiple checking/savings accounts linked to your online banking login info)

  7. Start receiving money from Soundstripe!


It's that simple! From now on, your money will show up every month automatically.