10.06.16 by Founder and Co-CEO Micah Sannan

We dove in deep into google analytics this past week and wanted to share with you exactly what our members are looking for on the site. Increasing the number of, quality of and usefulness of your tracks in the library are the 3 biggest ways boost your payout. The info below can help be a guide as to what 'usefulness' means to our members.

Below is a list of the top twenty most used tags by our members in the last 3 months. (a few of them are combinations of pace, mood, genre)

For further reference on what's selling, below are the top 10 downloaded tracks in August which you can listen to here. Keep in mind, a new track gets far more downloads the first month it's in the library as it is new to ALL of our users at once. Congrats to Adrian, Matt, Rob, Sam, and Stephen on making top 10 sold in August!

1. Afterthought - Rob Fleming

2. The Count - Adrian Walther

3. Dovely - Adrian Walther

4. Unbroken - Adrian Walther

5. Chasing Light Rob Fleming

6. New Morning - Sam Moses

7. Ahead - Stephen Keech

8. Willow Lane Revival - Matt Wigton

9. Edgar Evins - TituS

10. No Plans - Adrian Walther

Thank you for being a Soundstripe partner and I hope this information helps! Happy Creating!